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God's Story, My Story.

Who writes the story of your life? How do we make sense of the world around us and our place in it? Where did we come from and where are we going?


This Fall at Oak Hill, we will explore God’s answers to these questions and more, learning to see how God has written YOU into HIS story. Join us as we explore these questions in the following ways:


  • “God’s Story, My Story” Sermon Series (Sundays @ 9am): Understand how each part of God's story through the Bible helps us discover who God is, who we are, and why we are here.
  • How to Read the Story” Discipleship Hour Foundations Class (Sundays @ 11 am): Learn to hear from God in each different part of his word as a Jesus-follower in 21st Century America. Listen to an edited version on our podcast to stay connected throughout the week! 
  • “Explore the Story” Reading Plan (every day on your own): Spend time with God on your own, exploring key parts of his unfolding story in coordination with the sermon series and foundations class.
  • “God’s Story, My Story” Gospel Community Discussions (bi-weekly evenings in homes): Discuss what you are learning and applying in the sermon series, foundations class and reading plan with other Jesus-followers who are doing the same thing!


Whether you’ve known God for a long time or don’t know him at all, this Fall is your opportunity to discover how all of history points us to find our lives in Jesus!

Listen to the "Vision Sunday" sermon to understand why this theme is so important! Download or listen to it on our podcast by clicking here!

It is our hope that everyone engages with the Story in some way throughout this series. We've pulled together a few resources and wallpapers that will help you stay engaged with the story throughout the week!

The “Discover the Story” reading plan is designed to walk you through the storyline of the Bible week by week. You will read 2-3 chapters each day for 5 days each week. If you fall behind, just pick up where you left off!